REST for Web Developers


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I really liked this talk. Lorna was talking in a nice slow way which meant that it was easy to follow and pedagogic.

Really enjoyed the talk about the practical side of things.

A very informative talk combined with a pragmatic view of REST. I arrived with a bunch of questions in mind, had those answered and left with a whole different bunch. Most satisfyingly, Lorna answered those questions the very next day in her talk on HTTP debugging.

Lorna stepped in at the last minute to present this talk but you wouldn't have known. REST is a potentially dry subject, but Loran delivered the information in a very enthusiastic manner and also provided he personal thoughts on the subject wherever possible.

Very informative.

Finally got to hear Lorna present! Nice talk, nicely paced, informative. Lots of questions were asked and Lorna was always happy to answer them.

I know that you can always read up on topics such as this. But I have to say, hearing such a well presented talk has helped me understand some of the more fundamental aspects of designing a good and proper REST API. Thank you very much for that!

Loved the real world examples and the presentation style.

The emphasis on when it makes sense to do a particular thing and when it might not was a great addition to an already amazing presentation