Automated build tools like Webpack, Gulp and Grunt speed up development time, catch bugs before they become a problem, and are important for an easy workflow. This talk will focus on using these tools in WordPress themes or plugins to make your process and code easier to work with and maintain.


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Ed Paulsen at 09:26 on 25 Aug 2018

Great detail and examples

Good information with some specifics on how to implement this into my own process. Thanks!

Jeremy Ward at 11:41 on 26 Aug 2018

Kevin's presentation covered the automated build tools used by his agency and how others could look to integrating them into their own workflow. Not being as active on the JavaScript side of things, I was happy to learn that Webpack 4 comes with a few presets for general compilation tasks, and Kevin was the second person to talk about Lando for local development recently, so I apparently need to look into it. :)

Perhaps it wasn't an issue, but one thing I think Kevin could do to improve this talk is to engage with the audience a bit more, asking questions to gauge their experience level, and then defining some terms along the way. This talk was very clearly geared toward developers, but even newer developers who may not yet have heard of many of the tools he described would glean more value from his presentation if he laid the groundwork and discussed what they are, what they do, where to get them, and so on.

Overall, however, this was a solid presentation with lots of good information, and I hope Kevin will consider giving it again at other conferences and meetups. Great job!

Joe Casabona at 07:52 on 27 Aug 2018

A nice primer on how to get started with Webpack - lots of action items without getting too bogged down in details.