We’ve been hearing for years about WordPress’s famous 5-minute install. The plugin ecosystem makes sites infinitely extensible, and WP-CLI provides additional flexibility for the platform. What if we introduced another modern tool to the mix? In this session, I will discuss Composer, a command-line utility used to easily pull in code that your project needs, including WordPress itself.


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Clear and concise intro and summary. Good descriptions/examples/how would I use this. A lot of information packed into this talk, but Jeremy made it easy to follow along.

Good humor.

Great talk, easy to follow

Justin Foell at 08:35 on 27 Aug 2018

Great examples of "why" and not just "how" to use composer.

Russell Aaron at 09:31 on 27 Aug 2018

We need more individuals like Jeremy to show us how easy WordPress can be with tools like Composer. Although it's not WordPress specific. You can use composer with other languages and that's what made Jermey's talk valuable. "Here's how to use it" and the use cases were outstanding.