A FIVE-day festival celebrating all things WordPress in Greater Phoenix.

The point of WordCamps is to celebrate this open tool by teaching people how to use WordPress, how to bend it to their will, and even how to leverage it as a business- and to do it all for about the price of lunch.

WordCamp is organized and run by unpaid volunteers, underwritten by sponsors, and profit free. Remaining funds are donated to local charities. Volunteers in any city can create a WordCamp to benefit their community and in Phoenix, people are particularly passionate about WordPress.

In our first year, WordCamp Phoenix hosted a sold-out crowd of 500 for a day long conference in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2011, WordCamp Phoenix will be a multi-day event held all over Greater Phoenix, including free workshops, a full-day conference with four tracks, a day just for WordPress developers and networking opportunities for all.

Read more about the event here: http://phxwordcamp.com and http://twitter.com/phxwordcamp