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Host: Brecht Ryckaert
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WPUG is proud to welcome you all at our very first meeting. Depending on the participants, sessions will be either given in English or Dutch (English if a French-speaking person is present). This will take place at the office of Combell, near Ghent, on the 20th of June.


18.30 Welcome and Sandwiches

19.00 First session: Brecht Ryckaert – Basic SEO for WordPress

19.45 Second session: Thijs Feryn - Scaling WordPress using W3TotalCache

20.30 Networking and Drinks


Thijs Feryn – Scaling WordPress using W3TotalCache

Times are changing and that applies to WordPress too. It used to be a simple blogging tool, but has become a much appreciated CMS for small websites. Not only did WordPress change, the web did as well. In this day and age, terms like Cloud, Mobile & Social are reigning supreme. This has a major impact on the performance & scalability of the more popular WordPress site.

We all know that WordPress isn’t the best perfomer (out of the box), but with W3TotalCache, you can make sure your WordPress caches pages, minifies data, is compatible with CDN’s and external storage providers.

This talk will not be limited to fiddling around with the plugin, we will also touch on setup and configuration of the webserver, PHP and the required scalability utilities.

Brecht Ryckaert – Basic SEO and traffic generation for WordPress

While WordPress is fairly search engine optimized “out of the box”, there are some things that can vastly improve your ranking in Google. During this talk, I’ll guide you along the very basic techniques to optimize the very performance of your site in search engines.

Further more, I’ll be showing some additional ways to generate traffic towards your website, which can drive even more traffic to your website.