Git + Github: everything you need to know!


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awesome talk by Lornajane, too bad it didn't made it to the main tracks. Should also be sponsored by github.

Awesome talk as usual by Lorna. The room was totally crowded, ZendCon needs to give UnCon sessions more space some times.

Came in late at the end but was wowed and learnt a lot even in that short time...looking forward to trying GitHub. Thanks!

Lorna has a both a passionate and approachable presentation style that is hard not to like. She explained the concepts well, and in an appropriate amount of detail.

Great session Lorna, thank you for taking the time to share you insight.

One of the best talks I've been to this year. Thank you.

It should be a default that if Lorna is speaking that they add 10+ more chairs to the room. I love how engaging me she is with the crowd. Great talk. I learned a lot!

Great talk. With your enthusiasm it's no wonder is huge success.

Awesome talk. Totally should have been on the main track.

This was the kind of session that should have been recorded to share with everyone interested in learning Git as well as anyone who isn't. Great explanations backed up with solid examples, my favourite kind of presentation style.

Ditto what Michelangelo said, first of all. I know quite a lot about git/github, but still found this talk incredibly useful (and fun). I appreciated the emphasis on social coding and how to be a useful contributer, and the encouragement to develoeprs new to open source to dive in. Also appreciated the additional resources regarding where to find others supporting open source newbies. AND the brief, but VERY appreciated mention of PHPWomen, which I totally didn't know about!