Unit testing is still the black magic for most developers, especially when combining it with a library like Zend Framework. In order to show that Zend Framework unit testing is not hard at all, this presentation will tell how to test a real Zend Framework application (a simple blog) and how you can create better code by writing tests first.


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I'm +1!

Wonder if there'll be exposed a way to integrate phpunit running from CLI (with filtering support) and using same code to run on ZendStudio!


Although my talk will approach UT from a developer's perspective, I do think that the end part of my talk will show developers, managers and customers the importance of unit testing.

The examples in my presentation all use PHPUnit from command line, so I am sure you're going to love this talk. I haven't tried the examples from within Zend Studio, but if I do find some time I will look into it.

@weierophinney and @akrabat
I hope you guys can give me some pointers to do the job better, since I want to learn from great minds like yourself.