Architecting Your Models


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Excellent talk. Think I'll be looking into ORMs.

Excellent speaker with good ideas provided. Some more concrete examples of the integration of the various layers would be nice, but would be very code-heavy, I suspect.

Very knowledgable speaker. even those not using Zend Framework will have learned something from Matthew's suggestions on model architecture.

Very good talk, but it felt like there was way too less time to cover the entire topic, this needs a two-hour talk or even a tutorial. Appart from that, very well done!

Matthew gave an awesome presentation on application architecture through proper modelling. This an framework agnostic presentation that was rich in principles and very informative.

Awesome talk. I've been looking forward to hearing that talk for a while. It met and exceeded my expectations.

Loved this talk, great information

I realized early in the talk that I'd seen this before--in fact, I'd been in the summer Webinar with Matthew via php|architect. This was a great session and quite useful, and I'm glad I chose this one.

Best talk of the conference.

Pretty interesting stuff! If only I could have watched this talk 4 years ago :)