Premature Optimization Mistakes


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This was my favorite talk so far. He was like a machine and right into the details. Great talk, learned a lot

I'm not sure Ilia ever stops talking in his presentations. Not that it matters, his presentation was full of useful concepts, gotchas and best practices. Very informative, to the point that before I left the presentation, I had already deployed APC on one of my more popular site's server.

Great talk. Very informative. Great speaker.

Rapid delivery and engaging, my favorite talk so far.

I agree with "ANONYMOUS", this should have been a keynote. Ilia definitely earned several fans.

The "output_buffering" buffering setting is helpful (especially when set a high value) when you are sending fair quantity of large PHP generated pages to the user.

"SQL Caching" could mean many different things, such as sql de-normalization for reporting purposes, etc... However what I was referring to was storage of SQL results in memory via memcache or apc, so that database does not need to be queried every single time.