PHP has been growing and evolving as a language for over a decade now and in this time managed to accumulate many functionalities and features. In fact so great is it breadth of functionality much of it lies unknown to most users. This session will focus on uncovering various functionality gems and developers may not know PHP has, but can help in their day to day development efforts.


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Freaking awesome talk. Lots and lots of information, and plenty of new features that many of us have wanted for a while.

Awesome information. Would make for a great book too! I can't wait to get home and try some of this stuff out!

Very, very useful. Especially looking forward to trying mail.log and fileinfo.

Best session so far I have attended, hands down.

First thing: a very, very useful talk.

Nit-pick: your last slide misidentified this URL (it gave 2250, which was the for your memcache talk).

The big problem I had was that the all-caps nature of the slides was very confusing - I couldn't tell what was supposed to be capitalized (constants, camel-case names).


Great presentation style, plenty of useful pieces of information.

Yeah, the link to was incorrect :/. I hoped the font would make things a bit more visible, but it has the unfortunate of making everything look upper-case. I guess that experiment didn't work.

Exelent session with some nice pointers

I wasn't able to attend the whole talk but the part that I did see was great stuff. Very well presented and useful.

Ilia is always an entertaining speaker. Very informative and useful.

Definately one of the best talks I attended

Great talk. The pace was just right to introduce you to new stuff, yet not linger on it too long like a class in school. It definitely made me want to look everything up again, and see where I can apply it in my applications.

One of the best talks at ZendCon 2010. Glad the slides are online because I lost my notes for this session.