Benchmarking Applications and Frameworks


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very knowledgeable and un-bias presentation. Presented the facts at hand.

Concise talk: teaching the process, showing the result. Practical for "rolling your own" or a simple snapshot of general result.

A lot of good information. I like when a talk leaves me with topics to research and this talk did that.

Nice ideas. Would have like to have seen a little more results from more than hello world. But that was probably more than an hours worth of info.

Paul took a very in-depth, level-headed and scientific approach to everything that he talked about. He documented *everything*, accounted for variability as best he could, and disclosed precisely what he *didn't* know or *couldn't* account for.

More importantly, when he's answering questions, he asks to ensure that he's actually answered the question that was asked of him.

Anonymous at 11:17 on 18 Oct 2011

Looking for more real-life examples of frameworks. We are a Zend conference, how do put Zend to a test?
Started out thought provoking but never got down to to the real point. Outside of updating with 2.0beta numbers, same presentation as OSCON.

Really think this should be "how to benchmark PHP" with the concrete example of benchmarking frameworks. Too many of those who were at the talk got caught up in the "my framework is better" arguments and missed the point of the entire talk which was "how to benchmark in an analytical manner" I think shifting the focus of the talk would take some of the "fog" that falls over people's minds when they feel like their pet framework is being judged.

very interesting talk. would have liked a more detailed look at http_load or siege

Anonymous at 14:52 on 18 Oct 2011

Great talk. Really enjoyed the candor, and the information given.

Excellent delivery and good core concepts. Would have liked more concrete examples.

Very helpful talk on benchmarking. Theories apply into other areas of estimation as well

More realistic examples would have been helpful. Paul is a very animated speaker which helps keep people's attention. Less discussion on various frameworks.