Event and Signal Driven Programming Techniques


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Anonymous at 16:48 on 18 Oct 2011

Lots of great ideas, but too much "has anyone ever used X? No one? A few people?" Your pacing seemed a bit off as you had to mess with your laptop.

Good topic. Too bad there is no real examples of good php libs out there. I would not use twisted as a good example of event driven libs. I would say that it sounds like python is still a better option than PHP based upon this talk for middle tier apps.

A refreshing topic, as you admitted, rather pre-mature in PHP world. I enjoyed the presentation a lot.

It was hard to follow, as you've covered a lot of topics - some diagrams explaining differences between the design patterns and lib implementations would have been useful. Everyone likes pictures, even for advanced topics :)

Good topic! Nice to have something a bit different too. I agree with one of the other comments that having a few more visuals to illustrate some of the differences between the patterns would be helpful.

I like the topic and you certainly know what you are talking about. I am sure the next iteration will flow more naturally.

I was surprised you didn't talk more about javascript. It is an event driven model that most PHP devs should be familiar with.

Good talk on a complex subject. I know it was advanced but perhaps a few code snippets or diagrams of the flow of the code would have helped to drive the point home in a few cases. The presentation overall and the presentation style were excellent though and I could probably watch you present on any topic.

Good talk, covering unfamiliar territory for most PHP devs, and even though it was advertised as having no code in it at the beginning, it would have been nice to have code/pseudoclasses to explain the differences in the event-driven patterns.

Anonymous at 09:37 on 19 Oct 2011

Good talk, but I think you could improve one thing. Don't bring up the php pcntl extensions, without in the same sentence mentioning in the same breath: "Process Control should not be enabled within a web server environment and unexpected results may happen if any Process Control functions are used within a web server environment."

I know you are aware of this yourself, but it is a good thing to mention to a group who may now know this themselves.

Liz hurt my head with so much info being dumped in, but it has made my understanding of event-driven programming a little more clear and will make examining and evaluating things like Twisted and Node easier.

Learned quite a lot in this talk. Good overview of the different design patterns. Maybe small bits of (pseudo-) code would make things even better.

Good potential, lots of theory but there should have been more practical examples.

A great overview of event and signal programming. I do wish there was some code samples, but with the time constraint, I understand why it was omitted. I always enjoy talks Elizabeth's talks and is a must tend for everyone

I agree with some of the other people: this talk has great potential, but needs some polishing.

There's no doubt that Elizabeth is an excellent speaker and she obviously masters the material. But it felt kind of random to me. I appreciate the fact that you refer to "computer science essentials", but I'd love to seem more practical examples of the ideas Elizabeth has.

Will definitely check this talk out again and see how it has evolved.