PHP Extensions, Why and What?


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Excellent presentation. It was tough to follow at first but made a lot more sense once we started implementing the various helloworld functions. I would have liked to come back for the afternoon session to get into a little more of the meat and potatoes of extension writing and getting into some of the more complex functionality that you can do.

I loved the talk, there was too much learn in a the time give. But, it has given me the confidence to go ahead and start creating my own extensions.

Great intro to PHP extension writing. I don't think you can even begin to cover this topic in less than a day. Derick did a good job of giving enough information to make me want to learn more, but not so much that I was scared away.

Awesome talk loved it. I just wish that I had my windows environment set up so I can follow along. I have read the "Sara" book but was still a little lost on how to get started. Derick helped clarify what is needed to get started. Now I just need an extension to build