API Security


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Cool talk in API security w/ a lot of good info. You obviously know what you're talking about. Secure JSON definitely seems to be a PITA.

Very informative presentation from someone who clearly has a high-level of knowledge and experience in this area. The beginning of the presentation was a little slow, and some concepts like HMAC were not discussed in much detail compared to others.

Nice presentation. I kind of feel like I watched an episode of the X-Files. It was entertaining and answered one question, but made a hundred more. I know this is a large topic to cover in an hour, but I was hoping of more answers.

Very informative talk. I learnt a lot.

A lot of complex concepts explained very well with absolutely no tolerance of weak arguments for not making applications secure. I would love to watch this talk again. So much to cover in an hour and you can tell at the end Rob had more he could say but there just wasn't enough time.