Bottleneck Analysis


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good, fast-paced, energetic discussion of myriad possible locations of slowness within the web page creation and serving process. Lots of good tidbits to take home and try.

Great talk! Very informative! Looks at bottlenecks all along the pipeline of serving your web app from browser to DB back-end. A lot of good tips, techniques and tools mentioned here. Thanks, Ilia!

Ilia, thank you for spending time with us today and sharing your insight and knowledge. This session was packed with a lot of information that I can take back to our shop and start using. Your presentation was well formated and gave decent coverage to each of your topics. I liked that your slides were available prior to the presentation (I've gotten into the habit of checking for slides prior to the session).


Very good talk. Thank you!

Great talk, so much useful information - loved that it covers the whole stack instead of just the PHP layer.

One of the best talks of the whole conference.

Content overview, content detail, clarity of presentation, engaging asides: Ilya's talk had it all.

Well done!

Lots of info on what to look for and lots of tools on how to determine the problem. Well put together and presented.