Design and Build Your API


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Lorna's talks are always entertaining and informative. This one was no exception. Lots of great tips on designing and building an API.

Anonymous at 17:35 on 22 Oct 2012

Amazing tutorial! I had a great time and learned a lot about API's and how they should work. Very eye-opening to see just how many "restful apis" are not as restful as they claim!

I might be speaking to early, but I think this tutorial might be the highlight of Zendcon. Lorna had easy to follow examples, and excellent answers to all questions asked. I hope all the other speakers are just as good. Thank you again for posting the slides as promised!

Very nice talk.

Enjoyed the talk. Got me thinking about the blindsides of my API and ways to fix it.

Great talk, Lorna. I enjoyed the examples and resources. I'm doing a lot of API work, and am always looking for better, smarter ways to build my API.

Well rounded talk with great hands on exercises.

Lorna is a great presenter. She has excellent knowledge of the subjects she speaks about and always keeps the energy and enthusiasm high. Probably one of the best talks I've attended

great job Lorna!

Great talk, loved the exercises.

I think I went to all of Lorna's talks and they were great. This one was no exception. The examples and exercises were great and showed real world ways in which to use API's.