Designing Beautiful Software


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Really excellent talk. Thank you.

Mind-blowing, easily the best session at ZendCon! Thanks for the analogies and concrete examples. It has been my dream and goal to be able to design and write better code, thanks for giving a boost and inspiration!

awesome talk if you want to know how to create flexible and maintainable software!

Great talk! It's information every PHP developer needs to see.

Excellent talk which made me want to reach for my machine and start coding....looking forward to getting the slides for this one, just a shame it wasn't recorded - if it was I'd love to see it again.

Anonymous at 12:37 on 26 Oct 2012

Wow, apparently I have a completely different opinion on this topic than others here. I admit I am nowhere near as good of a developer as Matther, but while I really liked the talk and the discussion, I disagree that this is how you should build PHP apps. When Matthew said something like: "If it looks like JAVA and .NET that's because this is the way good OOO looks" I think I agree. However, PHP wasn't originally built to be an OOO language, rather OOO has been bolted on. When you add typehints and layers of interfaces it no longer acts like a dynamic language. Also, while I am not saying JAVA and .NET are good languages for the web (the're not), I do think that any PHP developer than prefers to code this way should move to be .NET and Java developer because it would be more lucrative for the developer.

In addition, if this style of programming becomes more and more prevalent in PHP it will continue to bleed web market share to Python and Ruby. This is just my opinion, and likely an ignorant one at that.

Great talk about how to craft software, not just bang out syntax.

Supreme - sincerely appreciated the demo of test-driven code (its clear to me we need to make this transition at our company), and appreciated the many resources offered for how to research/learn more. I now aspire to a whole new level of clean, useful, stable code development.

Anonymous at 17:54 on 31 Oct 2012

Slides please! :)

I would like to see slides please

Slides are now posted!