How Sysadmins View Your Stinking Code


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Cool talk, thank you. So if sysadmins feel developers are there to introduce chaos and problems onto their servers, I think developers probably feel sysadmins are there to prevent them from getting stuff done. :)

Great talk by a very knowledgeable speaker.

Great talk by a clearly knowledgeable presenter.

As a developer, I appreciated your straight-forward approach discussing how you view our stinking code. Lots of great information I can take back to our sysadmins back at the shop. Your presentation format was good and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge!

Thanks for showing the sysadmin's side of the story and sharing how we as developers can make life better for everyone :)

Very good talk. Being a sysadmin once I totally understand and think its very important for developers to understand what goes on once they deploy.

Good overview of why developers are the sysadmin's nemesis. Also showed some good tools to help developers