The PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use


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Anonymous at 10:34 on 24 Oct 2012

Very energetic and informative talk about PHP 5.4

Great talk. Lorna knows her stuff.

Great stuff, and Lorna is an enthusiastic and fun presenter. The session upload progress feature was a nice addition, as were the graphs on benchmark performance.

Anonymous at 10:41 on 24 Oct 2012

A very well rounded talk with plenty of good examples. Lorna did an excellent job with the presentation and answering questions.

Great presentation ! Nice examples and explanations. Very nice again

Great presentation, very well explained!

So useful, so fun (yep, I just said a PHP workshop was fun)! Lorna is a supreme presenter - fully informed, very personable, crafts an expert slideshow with practical examples. Cannot wait to start using these new features, and also know how to ensure my apps will upgrade smoothly.

Awesome talk. I learned a bunch of nifty tricks and you presented it in a fun and excited way. Thanks!

Enjoyed the talk. Can see immediate uses for traites and session.upload_progress.

Very practical session, but you are so charming, I would have stayed and listened to you just read the change log :-)

I appreciate that you were selective with a point of view, rather than trying to be encyclopedic. The tip the E_DEPRECATED is all we need to pre-flight our 5.3 apps gave me the nudge I needed (we always develop with either E_ALL or E_STRICT).

As you suggest, the performance improvement alone is probably reason enough to make the switch for us, since we know we aren't using any deprecated stuff.

Also didn't know that ZF2 was already traits-enabled; getting rid of some boilerplate with \Zend\EventManager\ProvidesEvents was nudge #2.

And love the session upload variable. That was #3.

I'm still skeptical about the web server, so we'll see if it becomes a common tool for me. I just run tons of vhosts and since you have to edit the hosts file anyway to make good use of the built-in web server, I think I'd rather keep my dev environment a Zend Server, but I'll keep an open mind, promise.

Great presentation with a full house even though there was a talk on same subject the day before! Your English English was just fine! :)

Lorna is a superb presenter. Very engaging and entertaining. I can't wait to get upgraded to 5.4. A large portion of my legacy code is going to take some work though because of the use of call_time_pass_reference.

Wow I love the humor you add to your presentation, but of course the information on php 5.4 was great as well! The new array format will be nice look forward to using it soon.

Lorna is an awesome presenter, this talk was well presented and very thorough on PHP 5.4.