ZF2 introduces a completely rewritten ZendForm component that can simplify form handling within your web application. Find out in this session how to use ZendForm to render your form, validate your data with input filters and ease the pain of forms on web pages. We will look at configuration of form elements, data input filters & validation, error handling and rendering in our view layer using view helpers.


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Good talk on ZF2 forms. Thank you.

Great talk, even though it was a plain copy of your tutorial :D

Fantastic talk. I love the sense of humor you mix in with valuable information.

Excellent, practical presentation on the new ZF2 form features. Definitely want to utilize these features. Great presenter - clear speaker, useful slides.

The topic was nicely distilled. I appreciate that you were selective ( although I do think annotations are a bit under appreciated, particularly if using Doctrine). Great slides/examples, and really good stage presence. Charming sense of humor.

PS: I love the *idea* of Daily Jotter, although after thinking I was so clever for storing the files in Dropbox, really haven't used it any more once I discovered that Dropbox sync stomps on the files. Went back to BBEdit for jotting my text notes in Dropbox :-(

Very informative talk on ZF2 forms. We will all dearly miss the beloved form decorators from ZF1. ;)

Great talk on the new ZF2 ZendForm, I sure won't miss those decorators.