Working with ZF2's ZendForm


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Good talk on ZF2 forms. Thank you.

Great talk, even though it was a plain copy of your tutorial :D

Fantastic talk. I love the sense of humor you mix in with valuable information.

Excellent, practical presentation on the new ZF2 form features. Definitely want to utilize these features. Great presenter - clear speaker, useful slides.

The topic was nicely distilled. I appreciate that you were selective ( although I do think annotations are a bit under appreciated, particularly if using Doctrine). Great slides/examples, and really good stage presence. Charming sense of humor.

PS: I love the *idea* of Daily Jotter, although after thinking I was so clever for storing the files in Dropbox, really haven't used it any more once I discovered that Dropbox sync stomps on the files. Went back to BBEdit for jotting my text notes in Dropbox :-(

Very informative talk on ZF2 forms. We will all dearly miss the beloved form decorators from ZF1. ;)

Great talk on the new ZF2 ZendForm, I sure won't miss those decorators.