Zend Framework 2 and Symfony2: The Perfect Team


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Fantastic and enjoyable talk, learnt a lot and less fearful of mixing components from different frameworks. Thanks!

Great talk. Thanks for the good information and humor.

Good presentation. However was expecting a boxing match.

Anonymous at 18:02 on 24 Oct 2012

It was mostly awesome except for the readability of code samples. The 2 presenter format was awesome.

great and informative! I'm looking forward to using PSR-next.

Great session! The two presenter format was great too.

This was a great overview of how PSR standards came into being. This was combined with a slick demonstration of how components can be substituted for one another. I really enjoyed this session, the camaraderie between Stefan and Enrico was fantastic. Also I agree that the examples were a little difficult to read, but just for Symfony - hey no, I'm only joking....

Nice presentation with good humor all around. Thanks, guys. ;-)

with service_manager factories key, I think, you should return new instance with
for ex :

'YamlParser' => function($sm){
return new SymfonyComponentYamlParser;

btw, you can use invokables to create pair values ;

invokables => array(
'YamlParser' => 'SymfonyComponentYamlParser'

So appreciative of this session, and so appreciative of Skoop and Enrico working together to demonstrate the cooperative and communal nature of PHP and those who develop with it. Definitely some fantastic components in each framework, and I really appreciate being able to easily snap in the pieces that are most relevant to a specific project. Invaluable tips on technologies that make piecing together frameworks fast and stable.