Caching and Tuning Fun for High Scalability


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Anonymous at 09:40 on 7 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 09:40 on 7 Oct 2013

Speaker was very knowledgealbe and speaking out of solid experience. Well done!

Anonymous at 09:40 on 7 Oct 2013

Very thorough discussion of important caching topics. I really enjoyed it. I also felt like you were very helpful in your question answering. It would've been fun to see which big sites aren't doing favicon's correctly! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future

Good talk!

- Dedicated a fair amount of time to SCL which is not yet released, probably more relevant when people can actually use it.
- Slightly clearer transition between the different caching topics at the start of the talk would be nice (when taking notes or being slightly distracted, it's good to get a pointer that we're now talking about something else)
- "Nginx generally scales better than Varnish" needs to be explained - "scales better" in what way? Req/s? Flexibility?

All in all a great talk!

Great high level overview of various caching and tuning techniques. Out of necessity, in-depth discussion of certain topics were limited, which would have been great. Maybe a "part 2" for advanced discussion could be considered in the future.

Memcache, nginx and varnish were particularly focused on, and were very relevant to today's capabilities. Would have loved to see more tuning discussion for practical things any developer can do: examples include apache/.htaccess configuration for cache headers, how to analyze slow MySQL queries and how to determine what MySQL indexes should be added.

Definitely was worth the time and I'm glad I chose this tutorial.

Good general coverage of caching and tuning, but with most general talks, the deep dive into particular commonly used technologies is missing.

Of course, I would also have hoped for more hands on work within the session. These tutorials should all be workshops, not just talks, which is what the rest of the conference is.

An enjoyable, fairly general overview of caching and tuning. I wish the talk had been longer, with more real-world examples of areas you can tune applications.

Found lots of useable bits that I can use to improve the speed to our website, thank you. I rate high because the talk heading and what I hoped to get was an exact match to what I could take away from it.

found it very informative.

Some new for me topics was covered, overall that was really good talk. liked it

Well presented subject. I didn't like the part when I got exited about SCL just to be informed that it'll be available in half a year.

very good overview

Very interesting talk. I found his methods for finding things that should and shouldn't be cached very useful.