Clean Application Development


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As a development manager (and developer) I found this talk very informative and a lot of information provided can be directly used or expanded upon to fit your situation. I feel the speaker had some definite preferences which he presented, so you should think about how to apply the information for your own purposes and not expect to be instructed. Still I feel without having visited any other session this trip yet that this tutorial may have provided the most useful information I will take away and be able to apply to my position and my company.

Full of practical information and insight. For me, it started a little slow and obvious, but 15 minutes in, I was engaged and took lots of good and practical information away.

Very satisfied with this tutorial. It's easy to get lazy in your daily coding, and Adams talk helped me see some of the things I am doing wrong.

At first I was bummed. My expectation was, as relatively new to PHP but programming in different languages for 20+ years, that we'd focus on stuff related to PHP specifically. The first part of the session was probably geared towards newer programmers and sole proprietors/consultants, as it seemed way too general. The 2nd half there was more focus on books, tools and topics more closely related to PHP and the outcome was very valuable to me. My situation is probably a bit unique; taking over in IBMi shop, all legacy code, virtually no functions (let alone classes) and just procedural top to bottom code with php echoing straight html unnecessarily in most cases. RPG program calls do much of the program logic. Oh...and did I mention I'm the only one on the "team" in addition to my other coding responsibilities? I learned some new terms "refactoring". Was hoping to hit up Adam for advice for stds in my situation but may check with some of the IBMi guys to see if they have advice.

I felt this talk was a good overview of most software development processes. I was hoping this would be a more technical talk on code maintenance strategies and structure. Instead, this talk is probably half/half targeted at project/product managers and developers. I wish Zend would indicate the intended audience and presentation style better on the description of these talks.

There were a few code samples, but more coding samples and analysis of code should be included. Such as when talking about refactoring, code reviewing, etc, a example application that can be used as a theme throughout the whole talk would help.

Interesting and valuable talk, facing most topics of clean coding. Already gathered some new information. The only thing I have to criticize is that there was an overlap with the QA tutorial.

Anonymous at 09:58 on 8 Oct 2013

Echoing the overlap with QA

Anonymous at 11:18 on 8 Oct 2013

Tons of great info! I learned a lot about software development process, something that's often overlooked in formal education, and implemented ad hoc at organizations. The php-specific tools and resources he gave were very valuable. I agree with others that more focus on technical details of clean code would be nice.

Good material, but this was a very shallow introduction. I'd rather see something that goes into a bit more depth on some of the various clean code subjects.

Very fast delivery to cover a lot of material. When it was done I was left thinking..."Wow, that was a lot of information" Good takeaways that I will be able to implement in our group immediately.

Excellent talk on Clean application development. I would suggest that you include SLA. Having a well defined SLA will help improve client expectations as to what is a critical bug and also how they will be addressed

Lots of common sense and good practices info. Good speaker skills.