Implementing Generic Multi-Protocol API at


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I would like more in depth information, more advanced level. Appreciate the talk, truly. Should contrast the don'ts with do's as well. I would like to see some real world relation with what was done at splunk perhaps...? Thanks!

Anonymous at 08:04 on 10 Oct 2013

Speaker was knowledgable, but did not express a lot of excitement. Also it did not seem like the presentation was well rehearsed. Slides at times were very sparse, perhaps they were best for speaker notes and not necessary as a slide. Although there were some good examples that helped to convey the message. Thanks!

"Gotta write an API? It's easy - you pick your protocol and set of principles (RESTful ROA, SOA) and away you go." It didn't show this.

"But you're picking your poison. Even though starting out may seem like a no-brainer, a relatively short investment into doing things right from the start will determine the technical fate of your system." Why? It didn't show this.

"This talk will walk through the high level architecture of the API." Very high level. One slide, but very little meat.

"Then we'll take a deep dive into each individual component and discuss logical separation to keep those components flexible and easily extensible." How to keep those components flexible and extensible? It didn't show this.

"We will learn how to avoid common pitfalls." It didn't show more than one or two and one of them was error handling, which I consider a general programming pitfall, what does it have to do with services?

"And finally, watch as we demonstrate how to enhance any new or existing system with a general purpose multi-protocol API." It did not show me how to enhance my application.

This presentation was very generic foils and not much explanation by the speaker. I didn't take away anything that would help my application or any more information that general communication flows.

Was very disappointed. I need more meat and less overview of communication flows. Most people at this point know where a service layer resides in the communication flow. I'd have liked to see more on what the talk is about. Key word to the title "Implementing". It didn't show how to implement only foils and communication workflows.

Got to agree with Richard above. The presentation didn't deliver on key aspects.

Anonymous at 11:24 on 10 Oct 2013

soft spoken - but worked for me

Was looking forward to seeing concrete examples or anything specific on how implemented their APIs. Unfortunately this talk didn't cover that.