Improving QA on PHP Development Projects


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Good talk about improving quality of php projects. I would have expected a little more hands-on for a tutorial rather than a 2.5 hour talk, but there was a lot of good information. Thank you.

Great talk! Michelangelo provided great information about the processes and tools that teams can use to improve the quality of their projects. I found some of the details about the tools (especially the PHPDepend metrics) to be especially helpful.

Great info and willingness to answer questions. Many thanks.

Good talk Michelangelo. You might want to amp up you mic a little. Hard to hear from the back.

Great talk so far. For my expectation I was missing some details on continuous integration/deployment and staging systems.
What about a Github repo for this talk where new information can be added via PRs?

Very good talk...I will start up all learned today....

Anonymous at 05:42 on 8 Oct 2013

Great talk, we are using a lot of the tools mentioned, good to know we are in the right path.

Good talk... Expected a bit more hands on, but it was probably better as it was since there were very few power outlets in the room.

Great info and very passionate.

Anonymous at 09:57 on 8 Oct 2013

Excellent - very knowledgeable and practical

Nice talk. good coverage of all the other tools besides phpunit. Michelangelo is very knowledgeable on the topic and provided useful information in followup questions. I learned stuff.