MongoDB introduction


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Lots of info in short time. I feel like I have a better grasp of what Mongo is and how to start using it.

This workshop was a pleasure to
review mongo topics and concepts.

Awesome discussion. Would love to have had a 3 hour tutorial on the Mongo extension

Great talk about mongoDb and what it is all about.

Excellent crash course on mongo db. As someone thinking about how we might be able to leverage this technology in the future, it was useful information. I would have personally liked to see more compare-contrast with RDBMS, but that wasn't the point of the course. Code samples were nice, flow was clear and touched on a lot and speaker was extremely knowledgable.

Very informative...and very detailed

May be worth spending a minute or two on MongoDB alternatives/competitors and why MongoDB. Maybe mention a few anecdotal use cases you've come across.

Great presentation. Derrick's knowledge and presentation style is one of the reasons I come to ZendCon.

Excellent talk... I attended three of Derick's, and all were great!