Using Logs to Help You Stop Your App From Doing Dumb Things


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Good presentation, good presenter. Material was a little basic at times, but maybe that's just me.

Some really useful information - thanks!

Fairly good presentation. I learned a few new things and enjoyed the real-world examples he gave.

Great & informative presentation.

Anonymous at 09:09 on 10 Oct 2013

Awesome presentation. Good material. Learned a lot about something I thought I already knew. Not sure what could have been improved, you definitely showed the power of good logging. Thanks David!

It was a good overview and the stories or examples gave good ideas on where and how to log for most impact.

I already log a whole bunch of stuff, but it's stored separately and not analyzed enough. This talk gave me some great ideas on how to do this and what else to look out for.

Liked the stories. Good coverage of concepts but at times was a lot of material I already knew.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and fielding my questions.

If I could offer a couple of observations, I would be leary of not going to far off topic or into too much detail into the spam algorithm when telling the stories. Also, maybe re-enforce the importance of having logs, as the cost of doing business.