Using Unicode with PHP


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Great talk; excellent speaker. Thanks.

Very comprehensive talk on navigating character set issues in PHP. Hugely helpful.

Excellent talk. Gave a great overview of Unicode support currently available.

Useful and practical guidance on utilizing Unicode for php projects, with some great specific tips and hints, and an insight into the future of intl.

Anonymous at 11:02 on 10 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 14:45 on 10 Oct 2013

Excellent, extremely informative talk! Well organized, well presented, and the speaker really knows her stuff.

I thought I knew enough to handle Unicode in PHP but the speaker sure proved me wrong! :-) Excellent content presented in a fun and exciting manner. Now I know there is more I still need to do and now I also know better ways of doing it. These presentations is why I come to ZendCon!