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Great talk. Learned a few new things about traces and now have an idea for a new project.

Not been at the session, but been looking at the slides.
The remote debugging rocks!
Good job with Xdebug, words will never be enough for that awesomeness.

great crash course to show what you can do to get started.

Very informative. I have xdebug installed but have never tried to take advantage of the additional features. Now I can.

Always wanted to do "official" debugging with something like xdebug, but never took the time to install and use it. After attending sees easy enough to do.

Great information and well presented. Xdebug is awesome.

Great talk. I've used xdebug before, but only in bundled WAMP servers like EasyPHP. I've never bothered to install and use it anywhere else. Simple install, and the talk helped me realize some extras available.

Anonymous at 11:40 on 8 Oct 2013

While there was a lot of good info in this talk, as someone who had never used or installed Xdebug, I felt a little lost. I think the talk would've benefited greatly from a 5-10 minute overview of how Xdebug is installed/configured, and what Xdebug is (browser extension? IDE extension? PHP extension? command line tool? all of the above?). A higher level overview of standard Xdebug workflows would be nice too. I think I would've gotten a lot more out of this talk if I'd used Xdebug at all, but as a complete newb I was lost.

liked it and found it informative. Good overview of xdebugger...

Anonymous at 12:21 on 8 Oct 2013

Alright talk, but delved into the material too quickly. Need a better intro.

Looking forward to finally using xdebug properly!!!

Pretty good. Some of the material wasn't very well presented such as the configuration values and exactly what they do. Felt the examples were a bit hard to follow but that was mainly due to the room being full and not seeing the projector.

Good talk as a brief overview of the Xdebug featureset

Good as always. Nice to be getting all the good info and guiding lines from the source.

Very informative, good speaker with great content

Good Talk. I have not used Xdebug, but I am anxious to get started with it.

A good talk with lots of good info. A bit more emphasis might have been placed on the big picture, up front, to set the stage.

Excellent overview of some if the most useful features of xdebug, and as a fan of the project it was great to meet the creator and hear some amusing anecdotes, such as the selection of the color orange for headers. It was nice to see some live examples of the features in action as well.

introduction with an overview, and situated in context would have been interesting

Information right from the source. It doesn't get much better than that.

Good information, but could have benefited from a more basic introduction.

Good overview of some advanced features of Xdebug.

However, it was not so clear, who was the target audience. From the one side there were explanations on how to make Xdebug connect to an IDE and about setting breakpoints in the code - which is a beginner level. From another side there was discussion on trace formats and conditions in the breakpoints (frequently forgotten feature) - which is a level for users with experience.

That's why there are controversial opinions above - beginners think that the topic was given in a fast manner, normal users lack emphasis and more detailed discussions.

However, overall the talk was good, same as the presenter and the presentation (but agree on small fonts, mentioned above). The talk was definitely useful, because, as I see by the comments, more people will start using Xdebug. It is a must-have for PHP development. Thanks Derick for developing it.

We have been using xdebug for a while with phpstorm, thanks for showing us a great overview and explanation of the advanced options and settings.

Anonymous at 12:43 on 9 Oct 2013

Good talk. Mentioned some settings I wasn't familiar with.

great info on how to use xdebug and right from the source.