Advanced Git Skills


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Great speaker, great content.

Great speaker but ~ 70% of the session was basic (not advanced... maybe advanced if you're a Git GUI user?) command line Git.

Did a great job presenting material. Some attendees were new to Git, or novices, even thought it's 'Advanced Git'. Out of courtesy for those who misunderstood what the title of the talk meant, maybe spend the first 10 - 15 minutes of the talk going over the basics of Git/what Git is? For the giant scope of such a topic, and how the talk could easily last a day instead of 3 hours, she did a great job of presenting orderly information as well as random-handy git facts.

Great speaker and great talk.

Anonymous at 23:12 on 27 Oct 2014

Could easily listen to Lorna talk all day about anything, really. Absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to git and even as a daily user of git, was able to pick up some absolute gems that I will put to use immediately.

However, as stated in other reviews this was marked as an Advanced Git Skills course and was decidedly not advanced so as to keep the non-advanced users in the loop of the goings ons of the examples.

To make up for this, Lorna put up her website at the end which walks users through the more advanced features that she unfortunately had to skim over in the talk.

Would have loved to see more information on pruning merged branches, but this may be covered on the above-referenced website.

Very practical stuff to use immediately in my development. Excellent Talk. Very enjoyable presentation style. Excellent Talk.

Anonymous at 20:32 on 28 Oct 2014

Great talk. Only down side was that I thought it was going to be a advance git talk. Though there were some basic options that were new to me.

Presentation was fine, but it covered only basic stuff, nothing advanced.

Anonymous at 16:34 on 29 Oct 2014

It was very well presented, but this was more like a beginner git class. I'm sure there were beginners in the class who drew more from it than I did, but I personally didn't gain anything useful besides a couple commands and switches.