DB2 and PHP in Depth on IBM i


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One of Alan's classic talks, updated with new information. Timely, useful, with pros and cons, caveats, and practical advice. Alan is very good about engaging the audience and encouraging questions and discussion, which everyone benefits from. Good management of time, in spite of the amount of information presented.

Anonymous at 13:29 on 27 Oct 2014

Very good session. Speaker was very knowledgeable, spoke well (so that I could hear, not too fast, all that stuff). Good interaction from audience was encouraged.

Anonymous at 21:26 on 27 Oct 2014

Great overview of the things you can do with db2 and how you do them.
Very well presented, interactive format was great.

Not only did Alan address performance issues that we also had with our application, after the class he assisted us on finding and correcting problems which dramatically increased the speed of our application by 95% This was something you don't see at most conferences. Alan is an asset to IBM, Zend and ZendCon. Thank you again Alan.

Great speaker, very informative.

Very good session. Lots and lots of immediately useful information.

Great session! Alan shows his expertise with DB2 and PHP in a way that's easily digestable. As an intermediate developer his instruction level was perfect for me. I was neither lost nor bored at any point. I also appreciate all of the rules of thumb like "Always use parameterized queries" and the like.

All the general speaker stuff (pacing, volume, slide usage, etc) was good.

Alan did a nice job of tailoring his talk to the attendees. He did a nice job of checking in and making sure everyone was following along.

Excellent talk, as always. You will always learn something new at Alan's talks, no matter how experienced an IBM i/PHP programmer you are.