Dependency Injection in ZF2


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Anonymous at 13:47 on 28 Oct 2014

It would be better if you could keep a consistent example throughout your talk to provide context into the different DI approaches.

Carry your Letter example into all your code if possible. Just having snippets of sample code from other applications doesn't connect as well in keeping the audience interested.

I knew that DI is important, and I was sort of familiar with ZF2's service manager. I feel like prior to this talk I was just muddling my way through the configuration of the service manager, and doing a sort of halfway DI. The talk was a great overview of how to do DI right, specifically in ZF2 apps. I'm way more confident now using the service manager and all the other service locators in ZF2.

Great talk about giving people a high level look into Dependency Injection with ZF2 and giving them some useful resources for getting started.

I realize I may have been in the minority in catching and/or appreciating the humor, but it was AWESOME.

I recall a series of 6...somethings that I don't remember what they are, but I do recall thinking that their implementations seemed very similar, so the intricacies about when to use which method have been lost on me.

Also, there was a typo in one of the slides that made me wonder if the code presented was accurate in all of the other slides.

Overall, though, lots of good DI information and how/why to use it.

I'm a terrible service locator abuser as I didn't really appreciate the benefits of DI. Rob Has converted me. :)

I really liked the humor. Really good information. Kinda showed me that I have some refactoring to do on a lot of my projects.