Exploring Zend Server Z-Ray


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Anonymous at 15:58 on 28 Oct 2014

I loved the demonstration of the extension API. We use a custom built ORM framework and this will help not only debug issues but also be a valuable tool for new developers to learn the framework.

Anonymous at 16:07 on 28 Oct 2014

A bit disorganized because the keynote stole all his material? Maybe the presenters & organizers should talk to each other to prevent that.

It would have been so much better if the keynote had mentioned, that it covered the same stuff, so I could have chosen a different talk, instead of "wasting" conference time, by hearing the same stuff again...
But thanks to Zeev for trying to come up with some new points!

Was hoping to learn more about it than we did at the keynote. Still want to play with it.

Interesting, but a bit chaotic because of the material being covered also on the keynote.

Anonymous at 16:12 on 29 Oct 2014

Bit of a rehash of the keynote.

Good, but marking low because this was all covered in the keynote, so having this session meant that some other session-worthy topic was bumped for the sake of giving a mostly duplicate message. My conference dollars are valuable.

Nice start. More to try out. In my mind to propose to major organisations back in my homeland.