Usability Basics


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Great talk. Informative and fun. Thank you!

Excellent talk. I really appreciated the actual examples of terrible sites which pointed out the things discussed in the presentation.

Drew LeSueur at 23:14 on 28 Oct 2014

I only caught part of this talk, but I really liked the slide with the 21 usability maxims from 1997. Thanks!

It's good to be reminded of this stuff we take for granted since we work with the stuff every day. Great guide to stepping back and examining the purpose of your website and determining if the opening (and subsequent) page convey the purpose in an easy to understand format. Also, you have an adorable giggle :-)

Nice job. Relevant Content. Fun presentation. Appreciate the plug for mentoring and help setting up a user group. Examples were great.

Anonymous at 11:43 on 6 Nov 2014

Can you please post the slide? Thanks