Writing Maintainable ZF2 Applications


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Anonymous at 18:09 on 28 Oct 2014

Evan, best talk of the day! You are engaging and articulate, which is a rarity at ZendCon. Love that you kept an on-going analogy throughout your presentation. Pretty good and simple stub examples (which is great because it's not cluttered).

Got a bit lost when you started talking about SpeckCommerce and other ZF2 modules. I think your talk could be a good talk on application structure in general, being framework agnostic.

I am very happy to see this message being broadcast to the community, some seriously great advice was delivered. I would recommend people read Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans and Implementing Domain Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon.

My only criticism, albeit minor, would be that it came across as a tad bit 'preachy' at times.

Very good and educating talk.
Could easily be changed to fit development in general, and not only for ZF2.

Good stuff. I appreciate the breakdown of the "Model" in MVC into the 3 layers, and explanation of how to keep them from being coupled together. Very clear and easy to understand.

Yes, yes, yes! Nice to hear that this type of layering is not just my own personal OCD.

Many thanks!

Great presentation by the talented and engaging Evan. The code snippets were easy to follow. The advantages to his design patterns are solid. All the "what not to do" examples I have seen in the wild, so it was easily relatable.

Superb explanation of MVC (the best I've ever been exposed to). I especially like the presentation of breaking the model into distinct pieces. This session alone was worth the trip.

Evan did a good show. He's really good with words and gets the message throught. I put on a 3 star because this session was flaged as "Advanced" and I had hoped for more. This was more beginner oriented, pitfalls to advoid when starting a new app.

This was a very good presentation which explained to developers a best-practice methodology for developing applications. Honestly, I wish that "ZF2" had been removed from the session title, if only to help convince developers that are not using ZF2 to attend and hear this informative session on how to structure your application workflow.

Anonymous at 10:07 on 29 Oct 2014

Best talk of the day, clearly demonstrated common problems and solutions that were east to follow

Probably the best talk I attended.

Fantastic presenter. Evan is engaging and human when he speaks about complex topics. He is articulate and speaks to a crowd like he speaks in an individual conversation. Uses analogies skillfully to enhance his talk and was a pleasure to listen to. Thanks Evan!

Enjoyed Evans talk. He is engaging and knows his subject matter. Great explanations of MVC and basic ZF2 concepts.

Would like a more concrete example of how to best use controller plugins (why use them) but otherwise rest of the examples were great!

Really good presentation. One of my favorites of the day.

It was quite humbling. Realized that I have a lot of work to do in refactoring some current projects. I need to learn this stuff so that it can be applied on our next Framework app... regardless of Framework used.

Great presentation.

Excellent overview of how to properly structure a ZF2 application. A great introduction to doing ZF2 properly for those who are new to it. Especially liked the breakdown of the model layer into it's constituent parts and the rationale behind choosing that structure.