Zend Framework 2 Certification Launchpad


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Corey Schomer at 12:15 on 27 Oct 2014

Great talk, taking the test later and lot of helpful topics covered. Will be great when the study guide is released.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 27 Oct 2014

Very knowledgeable about the subject matter, clear and easy to understand speech. The presentation was quite well prepared, although it appears it was the first time being presented so several small mistakes.

The 3 hour time frame was to short for the amount of material, although this was not down to the speaker but rather the time possible for speaking.

Anonymous at 14:08 on 27 Oct 2014

I really liked that Rob had strong opinions and rational on some of the 'junk' that comes as part of the ZF2 library, and what to avoid.

I attended this class to prepare for the ZF2 exam, and while I'm not totally prepared, I learned a lot of the gap and have a better idea what to go cram for.

I wish the class had at least an extra hour, as there were important topics that were skipped for time. I see the service manager pattern all the time (which the class covered in depth), but rarely get to use the hydrators and forms components, so I was disappointed they were cut.

Overall this was a great talk.

Doug Bierer at 10:54 on 28 Oct 2014

Learned not only about the exam, but learned quite a bit about the operation of ZF2 at the same time. Well delivered, quite personable.

Anonymous at 18:10 on 28 Oct 2014

Awesome talk. Time frame was short so not all topics were covered. Though the ones that were covered, Rob was very knowledgeable and clearly understands the framework.

Excellent speaking pace and allows for questions/comments/discussions.

And with Rob's help, I just passed the ZF2 exam!

Thanks Rob,

The asian guy who sat up front.

Way too short. But Rob did a great job going over as much as he could in the time he was given. He's a very good speaker!

Good tips and directions towards the certification path. Learned a lot about the whys also. Great talk.