Building Development Environments with Docker


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Nice talk. Docker is hot and Josh did a good job explaining the basics to get us started. Wish there was an afternoon session to keep going.

A great introduction to Docker, lots of material to cover in 3 hours - you did a great job! Looking forward to learning more.

Thanks Josh!

Anonymous at 12:05 on 19 Oct 2015

Very informative. I got quite a lot out of it.

The one thing I'd like to see would be a "part 2" of this tutorial. I'd love to hear about how you handle CI and testing as well as deployment to production.

Great tutorial! Covered all the basics about docker and the use for developers. Thanks

Was perfect for docker beginners. Thanks

Great talk... I learned a lot. Definitely took the mystery out of Docker for me. Would (like others) love to see a "part 2", where we get into using Docker in production environments (for example).

Links from the stuff we used during the talk:

Excellent talk! I learned a lot!

Excellent talk.
Examples were good.
Very easy to understand.
I learned much.

Anonymous at 10:00 on 22 Oct 2015

Great tutorial that provided an excellent foundation for further adventures with docker! Highly enjoyed this tutorial.

Anonymous at 09:49 on 23 Oct 2015

Nice intro. Couldn't really follow along with the hands-on portion though.

Would have liked to see how you'd use it in production but I guess there wasn't enough time to cover that??