PHP 7 Jumpstart


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Fun guy. kept everyone entertained. mark 4 on 5 because he called a t-fighter instead of tie-fighter :P

Waaay too much stuff to cover in too little time... But it was awesome to hear about the new stuff in PHP7.

Anonymous at 21:21 on 19 Oct 2015

Disappointed that there was no interactivity. These are supposed to be WORKSHOPS, not lectures.

Very engaging. Effective presenter. Best compliment I can probably give is I plan to review my schedule for the rest of the week to see if he's giving any further talks.

Anonymous at 08:30 on 20 Oct 2015

The talk was awesome, lots of good content. Not enough to make me blow baby chunks, but enough to fill me up.

Great talk - very humorous and fun. I really liked how this helped me identify some things about PHP 5 I didn't even know about in addition to the PHP 7 changes. Tons of info!

Lots of energy and very entertaining. Just needs to budget time better and edit content to a more manageable amount of information.

Appreciate Cal's excitement.

very informative and useful talk

Will definitely take a look at all the RFCs for PHP7

Anonymous at 05:46 on 22 Oct 2015

Thorough and informative. Thanks!

Anonymous at 10:01 on 22 Oct 2015