PHPSpec & Behat - Two Testing Tools That Write Code for You


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Anonymous at 09:58 on 22 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 09:58 on 22 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 10:20 on 22 Oct 2015

A beginners guide to Behat and PHPSPec. Beeing new to the subject the level of the talk was perfect. I would have liked a slide showing the generated PHPSpec code though :)

It's unfortunate the talk sold Behat as a browser automation tool, because there are more valuable use cases that weren't explored in the talk. I still really enjoyed the way Joshua delivered his talk.

Great feedback, Bobo & Marek! Bobo, I sort of wanted to face-palm halfway thru the talk when I realized while trimming slides I removed the slide showing the PHPSpec generated code. I'll make sure to add that back. Marek - it was great talking with you after the session! I agree - positioning Behat as a browser automation tool greatly under-sells its power, and isn't the ideal way to look at Behat. I've been using this approach because it tends to 'hook' US audiences into the idea of Behat, after which we can train them on more of 'Behat The Right Way'. I think you might've missed the first few minutes where I basically tell the audience that. However, your feedback has me planning a completely redone version of this talk - updating to Behat 3 and focusing more on 'Thinking the Behat way'. Hopefully there will be some conferences in 2016 that want to see that!

Thanks for sharing, excellent talk. Now I'm guessing if it would be a good option use Behat to test REST APIs.