Using APIgility to build APIs Everyone Can Enjoy


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Anonymous at 12:07 on 20 Oct 2015

The talk did not seem mature, perhaps because the speaker was nervous. I would suggest spending more time preparing in the future.

The talk was ok, but the title did not really match the talk. It was more about Azure than APIgility.

Anonymous at 14:29 on 20 Oct 2015

This talk was a complete bait and switch. Although the title clearly states that it was going to be about using APIgility to build APIs, the talk turned out to be an advertisement of Microsoft Azure. Not cool.

The presenter was focused on selling Azure and used Apigility as a transport to that pitch without any useful information about Apigility.

Title and session description are totally misleading with the actual content of this session.

Anonymous at 12:18 on 21 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 05:49 on 22 Oct 2015

I heard that Cory lost a large component of his talk the night before. Unfortunate. Much too much Azure and not enough Apigility

Anonymous at 15:08 on 22 Oct 2015

It was a good intro to APIgility (I've never seen it before), but unfortunately the rest of the talk was about Azure.