Zend Framework Development Good Practices


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Anonymous at 11:40 on 21 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 11:49 on 21 Oct 2015

Some great advice in this talk. However, I would say that REST still has it's place and saying that one should not use REST and only use GET then RPC is a gross generalization. That being said, I agree that this would apply to most applications.

Overall a good talk.

Very informative, well delivered.

I drink your cool-aid and its yummy. Great slides, great delivery, and totally on-point opinions; but I expected no less. Are you posting a link to the slides here, or somewhere else?

Might have been useful for some but I didnt really like it. I felt more like a kid been told by is mom how to behave then how as a developer to make better tool around me.

Hey Christian, Gina,

Could you poke me in private about the review? I'm interested in getting better at this, so your suggestions would be very useful to me.

Thanks! :-)

Many tips to take home, thank you.

As someone who hasn't yet done a ZF2 project, it sounds reasonable. I will make some notes from the slides (since we apparently can't download them). Thank you!

@Jim you can print the slides as PDF. I appositely don't make a file version because I keep upgrading and maintaining my slide-decks over the year. Somenthing like an uploaded PDF would actually be harmful for the readers in case I made a gross mistake.

Great - thanks.

Excellent content from Marco! Domain-centric development is a topic that needs emphasis. This talk did ti well. Also there were lots of practical tips included.