Building middleware applications with Zend Framework 3


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Great tutorial, got up to speed with the basics of setting up a middleware app, and showed how easy it was. I would have liked to see best practices for using multiple pieces of middleware using $next.

The beginning had a slow pace and speaker felt uncomfortable. The tutorial then gained momentum with actual code and exercises that were helpful.

Found the tutorial very enlightening. Will see how this concept can be applied while working on apis.

Enrico was knowledgeable on the material, but was visibly tired from jet-lag and nerves yielding a dry experience. In addition, the language barrier was evident and made some situations more difficult to explain.

However, I left with a better understanding of middleware, and some better code awareness.

Thank you Enrico!

Jason Davis at 10:48 on 24 Oct 2016

This was an interesting introduction to middleware as someone who is not familiar with it.

Additional information on the pros/cons to the zf style controllers would be useful

Very helpful, simple and powerful, thanks Enrico