Building rock solid software in the real world


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Colin O'Dell at 11:19 on 21 Oct 2016

Your jokes sucked and your throat was too scratchy.

Just kidding, this talk was excellent! I've stumbled onto these practices on my own, so it was great to hear that I'm doing things right :) And of course hearing your experience and advice was very helpful, so thank you for sharing!

Daniel at 19:02 on 21 Oct 2016

Didn't like the Mullah/ankles joke slide, it actually made me miss the point of whatever it was you were trying to relay to us on that one. I thought "Aww c'mon dude, really?", but I'd rather have it kept in than to bow to the PC police. Plus you did say that you're from Texas, so...

Setting that aside, I liked the presentation as a whole, and found it valuable for my team to observe. Solid recommendations and opinions.