Containing chaos with Kubernetes


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I think I could have easily rated this talk a 5 if I had a good depth of experience with Docker already and I was sitting in the first row, but neither of those things were the case.

The first issue is not really the speakers fault, as the talks this time around did not have the target audience skill level or prerequisites listed, so I didn't realize it would be more for intermediate-level containerizing folks.

The second issue is, but can easily be fixed I think. I have perfect eyesight and was seated around the middle of the room, and some of the content on the slides, as well as some of what is shown in the demo, was really small and difficult (sometimes impossible) to read for me. Struggling to try to see or to try to determine if what I'm NOT seeing is a big deal to be missing tends to be a distraction. However, those same slides and portions of the demo also had a lot of whitespace on them... so expand to fill! If some of the demo content can't be magnified, then perhaps either move those portions to the slide deck, or if it must be part of the demo, have some screenshots available as a bit of a "OK, I know this part is hard to read. I can't resize the real thing, but this is what it looks like *shows screenshot*."

Great talk overall, though. I'll be sure to attend it again after I've gained more experience with Docker and have the background to get more out of it.

Thank you for sharing this! I have general understanding of containerisation but got the message clearly. Personally I don't know if the demo of creating all the containers for the various PHP applications adds any value to the talk.