Encryption, authentication, and data integrity in PHP 7


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Daniel at 18:53 on 21 Oct 2016

Great overview of the more enhanced/standard encryption capabilities in PHP7/7.1, and valuable takeaways for consideration.

Very good information that I didn't know much about.

James Titcumb at 08:08 on 22 Oct 2016

Nice talk. Learnt some stuff! Thanks.

Takeaway of this talk should be... never roll your own encryption!

The detail you show is amazing, although a smaller room would be beneficial for this talk to get some interaction between the speaker and the crowd. This kind of security is key for every application and should be fully understood by everyone.

A very interesting subject, but the way it was presented was not very engaging (yes, i know it is a technical talk). Perhaps the room selection was not the best, as mentioned in an above comment. Will certainly check the slides with more attention.