Exploiting the brain for fun and profit


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Some good common sense tips, but a bit of a listicle.

Excellent talk. Would be good as a keynote.

Engaging speaker. Great talk.

Daniel at 21:46 on 20 Oct 2016

Great presentation! Bringing the human angle back into the whole programmer thing

Great talk, actively engaging the audience is awesome and I definitely picked some good new things up for this. Thank you!

Great talk, was fun and kept everyone engaged, planning on "deploying" some of these ideas/techniques into my daily routine.

Lots of good health related info. Great interaction.

Jason Davis at 11:29 on 24 Oct 2016

Enjoyable talk

I enjoyed this session. It was nice to see another programmer parent talking about real life and health.

Please stand up and stretch!

Not what i expected, but i may have read the description too quickly. Anyway, i liked the talk, learned/remembered some things, and enjoyed.