Introduction to graph databases with Neo4j


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Interesting tool, but the presenter didn't convince me of the practicality of using this tool. It's new, it's shiney, but seems like a lot to learn (new query language, data structures, etc) for little or no benefit. Would have liked more comparison to other tools, and some use-cases where it makes sense to use this tool.

Michael Moussa (Speaker) at 12:33 on 21 Oct 2016

@BRANDON thanks for the honest feedback.

I'm not sure if you were in the room for the entire talk, but I did cover several use cases where it makes sense to use this tool at the beginning (driving directions, social networking graphs, financial fraud detection, etc). You can read more about those use cases on the GraphGists site that I linked to at the end of the talk (here's a good one on credit card fraud detection:

Please do note that the objective of this talk was not to convince anybody to use Neo4j specifically, but rather to show them what it is and give them enough information to decide on their own if there is any use for it in their organization.