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JJLL at 13:52 on 19 Oct 2016

This was a terrible keynote. It didn't touch on anything to do with the conference.

Part one was a talk about how computers have evolved...the same talk we've seen in years past at the keynote.

Part two was a completely absurd view of the future. A phone shirt? Are you kidding me?

Why didn't they talk about the framework or the company or the conference?

Awful. If this is a sign of the direction this conference is going, I will not be attending again.

Good content and very interesting, but I'm not sure how relevant it was to this audience.

Tom Anderson at 15:18 on 19 Oct 2016

As dry as high school history class. The future is here today and in 9 years.

Sorry, hate to be critical, but seemed disconnected from this conference.

Jeff Burgin at 16:04 on 19 Oct 2016

Didn't seem to relate to the conference

I think if this topic was brought in a bit more interesting way it had really worked well. The whole "look back and look forward" works, but unfortunately the delivery was a bit boring. Love the concept, delivery could be better.

Roger Plichta at 17:12 on 19 Oct 2016


Colin O'Dell at 19:02 on 19 Oct 2016

This keynote revolved around the future of computing. As such, I would've liked to see something a little more revolutionary or unique - much of the technologies and integrations already exist to some degree. Instead, I would've liked to hear more about the specific technologies that are pushing us forwards. The GraphiQL example was great at showing how data could be queried but not how that data gets combined into a single system.

Alternatively, I think this talk could've been more successful if it focused on those types of technologies and how we (as developers) can build on them TODAY to drive us towards that future. Perhaps there could've been a couple more demos, or a larger demo showing those different technologies being tied together.

David Thomson at 22:12 on 19 Oct 2016

It was a good (not great) start to the conference.
Andy is always good.

Thomas Eriksson at 23:41 on 19 Oct 2016

Very good presentation about the future from a rhetorical view point but would like more connection to the code and frameworks evolving. zf3 and expressive etc.

Jason Brady at 10:14 on 20 Oct 2016

Good idea, poor execution... good to see Andi is still around though, and Zeev for 2 seconds

Talk wasn't interesting or too useful

Alex Corbeil at 19:23 on 20 Oct 2016

No announcement, not relevent to conference

Had potential but it wasn't applicable to the conference.

Justin Yost at 16:48 on 21 Oct 2016

Meh, it was an ad for a future of stuff listening to you everywhere and knowing everything and buying stuff just magically in the background.

The delivery was good and the historical content was interesting from an academic perspective. The future stuff would have been interesting / exciting for laypeople, but as developers, I'm sure many of us have already imagined how much more sophisticated smart devices will eventually be or have even seen it portrayed in sci-fi, so it seemed a bit speculative and didn't really seem to fit. My favorite part, actually, was the very brief GraphiQL example. I've heard GraphQL mentioned a lot in recent months and never really looked into it, but the very, very short demo was enough to get me to think "oh, cool. I'm definitely going to check this out."

It shouldn't be surprising that the most technical portion of a talk was the portion I liked best, given that this is a developer conference. I'd really love to see more of that sort of thing in keynotes!

Even if it was different from a traditional keynote, I found this very interesting.

Tom Anderson at 09:04 on 24 Oct 2016

Like history class but only covering everything you've already lived through.

Jason Davis at 10:56 on 24 Oct 2016

This seemed like Zend had nothing new to present so they had to talk about something to do with the internet.

I would have much preferred to see Andi presenting something more interesting than the history of PHP. A glimpse into the future of PHP or something related to the conference would have been more interesting.