TDD with phpspec


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Robin van Duiven at 18:19 on 20 Oct 2016

Great build-up and background info. Nice and clear examples. Very well prepared talk, using the video's and code examples already created saved us time you spent wel on good information and some live coding on the fly. Will use this for sure!

Good talk. I'm an undying PHPUnit fanboy myself, but I'm glad I was able to get some exposure to phpspec from someone who has more proficiency with it in order to see how the tools differ.

The "recorded coding demo" is a great substitute for a live demo if a speaker isn't comfortable doing one, but there was a bit of awkward pausing/waiting while the videos played and we were just watching the code be typed out in order to move on. During a live demo this is OK because, obviously, a speaker isn't going to be able to type instantaneously (or, they can talk to the audience while typing to make it less awkward), but that's not the case with a video. I would suggest either speeding up the video to superhumanly fast typing speed to help move things along. Either that, or do the opposite - slow them down a bit, but talk through the process and pause where needed (i.e. "ok first you foo the bar and then bar the baz, oh *pause*, yes, what's your question?"

Only other thing is that normal sized text with dark backgrounds on a projector screen is death to readability by anyone other than people with perfect vision in the front row. I'd suggest either enlarging everything as much as possible, or doing everything with a white background.