Are you the kind of person who's too busy working to build robots with PHP? Well, you're missing out! Over the last few years, Christopher has built all sorts of useful robots (Internet of Things machines); to connect to virtual environments, automate the surroundings, or generally make life easier. All of these could be built using little more than the familiar PHP code used 9-to-5 jobs. Join this session to see some of the cool things you can do, with an Arduino, some useful PHP libraries, and a lot of imagination.


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Joe Cartonia at 12:23 on 25 Oct 2017

Interesting and informative. Even though the live demo was not flawless, I enjoyed seeing raw components pieced together to build a working circuit. I don't see that too often anymore. Arduino is a very convenient device. The first I heard of it was when a coworker mentioned how he was implementing one in an old truck. Very cool stuff. I also liked the Minecraft door sensor alarm system via PHP and an LED.

John Fansler at 13:31 on 25 Oct 2017


Geek only allowed. This session was great. Different then every usual session we are use to. The speaker clearly was a passionate and he successfully triggered interest with the crowd. The content was precise and delivered in a perfect pace.

Ed Barnard at 13:49 on 25 Oct 2017

This was the most delightful session so far this week. I wouldn't change a thing about the talk or how it was delivered, except perhaps adding the explicit goal "find common ground".

Lee Jenkins at 15:02 on 25 Oct 2017

Great talk. There was a bit of a hiccup in wiring up the Arduino circuit where Christopher demonstrated grace under pressure. Moreover, the talk was great and the example had enough meat on it to be interesting while fitting in a short time period. Enjoyed.

Very knowledgeable.

Colin O'Dell at 19:08 on 27 Oct 2017

Everything about this talk was perfect - the content, the delivery, being prepared for live demo issues, etc.